Introducing Maya’s Official In-flight Magazine – Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle.
Maya Island Air is very proud to be introducing our first ever in-flight magazine -  Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle, produced in partnership with the amazing team at McNab Visual Strategies.
The 2017 San Pedro Lobsterfest Block Party
The island of San Pedro-Ambergris Caye celebrated its 11th Lobsterfest Block Party over the weekend, which saw restaurants from across the island gathered at the Central Park in uniquely decorated booths, to showcase and win the title of Best Lobste...
Grilled Lobster Tails - A Belizean Foodie Favorite
Belize’s 2017 Lobster Season is officially open which means that across the country, households and restaurants will be serving up a variety of Lobster dishes for their families, patrons and guests, throughout the next several months. 
Amazing Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts
Did you know that Belize celebrates an annual Cashew Festival? While not the biggest festival in the country, the Cashew Festival and Agriculture Show is celebrated every year in the charming village of Crooked Tree (about 45 minutes by road from Be...
5 Awesome Photos of Altun Ha
Have you ever been to the Mayan Temples of Altun Ha? Located just 31 miles north of Belize City, this site was once a wealthy ceremonial center and includes at least 500 visible structures or mounds. At its peak, the population of Altun Ha and surrou...
5 Must-See Animals at the Belize Zoo
Did you know that Belize has its very own Zoo? Yes, we do!  Located about 29 miles west of Belize City (about 45 minutes by road), the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center receives over 68,000 visitors annually, with 15,000 being students, teach...
Maya Island Air Launches 2017 – 2019 Edition  of Belize Themed Boarding Passes
If you’ve ever traveled Maya Island Air when in Belize, there’s probably one item that has always stood out from your experience…our colored boarding passes. These passes which are handed to passengers at check-in and then collected when boarding ...
Your Belize Cooking Guide - How To Make Belizean Black Fruit Cake
If you're lucky enough to be visiting Belize this Christmas, you should definitely try to get your hands on a slice of Belizean black fruit cake with a glass of rum popo. For those of you who can't make it, we've prepared the following cooking guide...
8 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling
Whether you're traveling Belize or any other country for that matter, it's always good practice to keep a healthy routine. By taking good care of yourself, you'll be energized and will better appreciate the experiences you encounter along the way. 
Top Travel Photos and Videos of Belize for November 2016
Thousands of travel photos and videos were taken, that highlighted the beauty of Belize during the past month and here's our list of the Top Travel Photos and Videos of Belize for November 2016