Due to the size of our aircrafts, there are certain limitations to the size and amount of carrying capacity and baggage.

Baggage Allowance

Baggage allowance is based on the fare class purchased:

  • Small personal item
  • Carry-on weighing 15 lbs or under 
  • Checked bag weighing 50 lbs or under
Maya Island Air Baggage Allowance

The permissible carry on size accepted includes but is not limited to (purses, small backpacks, brief cases and the like) with a maximum weight of 15 lbs. Due to limited cabin space, all carry-ons must fit snug under the seat.


Each passenger is allowed one checked bag with a maximum weight limit of 50 lbs. each and 62 linear inches (27″ x 21″ x 14″). These will be placed in the storage bay below or to the rear of the aircraft. Anything larger, heavier or oddly-shaped may incur additional fees.

Excess Baggage

Excess and oversized baggage will be evaluated, charges assessed, and will be transported on a space available basis. All baggage must be checked in at the Maya Island Air front desk and have a numbered baggage tag provided by the handlers.

Excess Baggage Pricing

Per pound charges for excess baggage from the Belize International Airport are as follows:

  • BZE – SPR: BZ $0.41 per pound
  • BZE – CUK: BZ $0.41 per pound
  • BZE – DGA: BZ $0.46 per pound
  • BZE – PLJ:  BZ $0.88 per pound
  • BZE – PND: BZ $1.13 per pound


Maya Island Air is not liable for fragile or perishable articles being transported on its aircrafts. Do not pack valuables or irreplaceable articles such as cash, jewelry, camera equipment, medicine, eyeglasses, legal documents, antiques, and electronic items in any checked bag as we will not be liable for damage to or loss of these items.

Conditional Acceptance

We do not accept liability for minor cuts or scrapes sustained commonly in the handling of baggage or for the failure or loss of wheels, straps and other accessories. Improperly packed and/or fragile items will be conditionally accepted with the understanding that Maya Island Air will not be held responsible for any damage to said items.

Maximum liability for the loss or damage to a bag and its contents is based on shipping weight and will be limited to applicable domestic aviation and IATA regulations.

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