Retreat from the stress and hectic pace of your daily life on-board a Maya Island Air Charter, offering comfort and convenience across 15 domestic and regional destinations.

Choose from 3 personalized packages: Custom, Corporate and Medical Charters, that cater to your needs and allow you to feel at home, while reaching your destination.

Custom Charters provide individuals who prefer a more private flight, the opportunity to fly to their destination of choice, without the typical hassles as experienced at most terminals and airports. The flights are typically purchased by passengers who want to be flown to remote destinations such as islands, jungle resorts and inland getaways that provide great opportunities for aerial photography, filming and offer private runways.

Corporate Charters are catered to businesses that require a more flexible flight schedule than that currently offered by Maya Island Air. Corporate charters fly to both domestic and international destinations and are typically purchased by businesses attending/hosting meetings, family events and catering to priority business partners.

Medical Charters are catered to clinics, hospitals and families that require flights for the sick, disabled or simply staff who need transport to a remote destination. From transferring your loved one from one medical facility to the next to transporting medical staff to a critical disaster location, Maya Island Air can provide solutions for your emergency aviation needs.

For more information clients may contact the Maya Island Air Operations Department at [email protected]

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