Other Locations

Maya Island Air also offers flights to Belize destinations that may not appear on the flight schedule. To access the flights listed below, contact our Reservations Agents by calling (011-501)-223-1403 or by sending an email to info@mayaislandair.com .

  • Kanantik (Stann Creek)
  • Tower Hill (Orange Walk)
  • Caye Chapel


Other Locations

Maya Island Air Terminal Building/ Administration Headquarters,
Belize City

Fax: 501-223-0576 

Other Locations

Kanatik (SVK) to: Belize International Airport (BZE) / Belize Municipal Airport (TZA)

Flight # Depart Arrive
1002 7:30 8:00/8:10
102 8:45 9:15/9:25
112 1:15 1:45/1:55

Orange Walk - Tower Hill (ORZ) to: San Pedro Ambergris Caye (SPR)

Flight # Depart Arrive
404 Via CZH
9:25 10:20
406 Direct
3:40 4:00

Caye Chapel (CYC)

Flights to and from CYC are on Special Requests ONLY concurs with SPR to TZA schedule.

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