United inaugurates new direct flights from Chicago to Belize

From the towering skyscrapers of the Loop, to the immense stone ruins of the Mayans, “Chicagoans” are now even closer to our beautiful jewel thanks to United Airlines.

Saturday, December 20th, 2014 marked the inauguration of United’s direct flight from the Chicago O’ Hare International Airport to Belize’s Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport. The event which was held in the VIP Lounge of the Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport saw diplomats, politicians, representatives of the department of civil aviation, industry partners, the media and invited guests, all who sat eagerly to hear the details of this new flight and for the arrival of the direct Chicago flight to Belize.

In an address by the CEO of the Ministry of Tourism – Ms. Tracey Taegar-Panton, she stated:

“We are proud of the partnership we shared with United Airlines since its inaugural service to Belize in 1988. What a long way we have come. From a single flight out of its Houston hub to 2 and sometimes 4 daily flights from Houston, weekly service from Newark and now a weekly service from Chicago. This partnership has insured that the North American market continues to be the primary source market for the tourism sector with Houston being our busiest hub. The connection opens the entire Midwestern United States as a market to make travel more convenient, with service from New York City, Miami, Houston and Los Angeles already covered by various airlines.”

Also, according to United Country Manager – Ms. Indira Craig, the company is headquartered in Chicago and they intend to take advantage of that market.
The following is the speech given by United Country Manager – Ms. Indira Craig at the event:

“United Airlines is the among the world’s largest and finest airlines. We boast of our 9 most strategically important hubs that serve three hundred seventy‐four destinations around the globe. Today, we are beyond excited to make  that  number  three  hundred  and  seventy‐five, as we  initiate our  direct  flights today between  Belize’s Philip SW Goldson International Airport and Chicago’s O’Hare International  Airport, the world’s busiest for Aircrafts.

On behalf of our family here at United  Airlines and at our  headquarters in Chicago we would like to extend a warm thank  you for being here today especially our Guest Speaker and CEO in the ministries of Civil Aviation, Culture and Tourism Mrs. Tracey Taegar Panton, The Department of Civil Aviation, our industry partners, Travel Agents, Government officials, distinguished guests, the media and our friends, for celebrating with  us  the  pairing  of  two  great  cities.

Chicago, Illinois is the corporate home of our very own United Airlines and has been the birthplace of many Academics, Scientists, Engineers, Nobel Laureates, Authors, Entrepreneurs, and Civil Rights Leaders. Chicago was the first experience that Belizeans enjoyed through the introduction of television here, with WGN, The ole Harry Carey, Wrigley Field and the Chicago cubs.

This bridged the reality of a modern world to the reality of a newly developing and ambitious country. Eyes stayed fixed on all of the lights, the sprawling sky scrapers and really – the concept of development.

You may know the names Ernest Hemingway, Walt Disney, Hillary Clinton, Red Foxx and Al Capone, all famous Chicagoans. But  America’s  third  largest  city  is  also  known for its  richness  in  architecture,  art,  culture,  commerce,  transportation,  and  industry.  Chicago’s  O’Hare  International,  with  its  eight  runways,  serves  some  67  million  passengers,  885,000  aircrafts,  and  moves  some 1.4 million metric tons of cargo annually and is one of the world greatest  ports of call , recognized as North America’s best airport on no less than  10  occasions.  It  is  our  hope  that with this flight   United  Airlines  will not just open  the  friendly  skies  for  Chicago’s  nearly 2.7  million  residents, but connect seamlessly  our very own diaspora of Belizean  heritage  and  ancestry, and create a new network option that will not just offer more to Americas nearly 47 million tourists but the world as a global carrier, making it yet another route to access and to see the splendor of our  beautiful jewel- Belize.  

Today’s inauguration highlights not just the work of United but the joined efforts of our local  tourism team who has pushed for this to become a reality .Today’s flight is a  big  endorsement  to  the work and continued investment that the people of Belize have made, and we look forward to how this new gateway can serve to fit her  development   in areas of  tourism,  commerce,  banking,  agriculture  and  industry.  This bridge in the sky does not just connect two cities, it connects the high pace culture of an ultra-developed urban metropolis, to a nation of laid back – warm tropical oasis and spectacular natural beauty. This bridges cultures, it connects family and friends, and it connects collective aspirations.
Today, United is doing her part in transforming that once visual bridge to now a comfortable, spacious, and reliable direct Flight. Through this bridge the world becomes just a little bit smaller and closer.

On behalf of myself,  those at headquarters, The region and our local team I’d like to thank you all for  all your support over the years and also for being here today.

Chicago, Belize. We are now UNITED!”

Maya Island Air takes this time to congratulate United on embarking in this new endeavour and for hosting a successful inaugural event; we look forward to our continued partnership in 2015 and another fruitful travel year.

United inaugurates new direct flights from Chicago to Belize