Blue Hole Tour

Inside the largest living barrier reef in the world lies a staggering 400 foot drop into deep ocean. Absorb the stunning natural beauty of Belize's great Blue Hole on a unique tour from above in one of several aircraft options. You'll soak up aerial views of the Turneffe Atoll, the Great Barrier Reef and watch in awe as the turquoise sea turns a deep navy at the majestic Blue Hole.

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Duration: 1 hour


Flight Schedule: Flight departs San Pedro to the Blue Hole at 10:30am on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Description: The scenic tour encompasses views of the barrier reef, shark ray alley, Turneffe Atoll, ocean freighter wreck, lighthouse reef and 2 revolutions per port and starboard around the Blue Hole.



Max Capacity: 11 Pax



Contact for more information.





  1. In the event of inclement weather, flight may be subject to cancellation
  2. Cancellation must be made 24hrs of flight time 
  3. Changes require 24hrs notice with change fee
  4. Passenger can carry one small carry- on bag only 
  5. Non flash cameras are allowed 
  6. Non alcoholic drinks with lid is allowed 




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