Belize City flights to Lamanai Mayan Ruins

Explore Lamanai

Tour Highlights Include:

  • Scenic boat tour with wildlife spotting
  • Local catered lunch
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Full-guided tour of Lamanai

Minimum 3 persons

Approximately 7 hours

Online bookings only


The remote Lamanai Maya Temples are concealed by miles of thick jungle on all sides. Explore these ancient structures through an expedited run by Maya Island Air from San Pedro. Travel up the river of strangers to the ominous calls of howler monkeys, surrounded by lush jungle brimming with exotic birds, crocodiles and wildlife.

Explore the temples of the ancient civilization from the ground up: your guide will reveal the intricacies of Mayan culture as you wander through courtyards, palaces and secret passageways. Finish your tour by climbing the high temple, whose summit offers a 360 degree panoramic view. You'll leave brimming with knowledge of the Mayan culture and wondering at the vast empire, which remains largely a mystery.


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How to book your Lamani Tour:

  1. Choose San Pedro in the 'from' drop down menu
  2. Choose Tower Hill in the 'to' drop down menu
  3. Choose your date (same date for your departure and return)
  4. Select the number in your party
  5. Choose the 9:00 'tour' rate for departure, and the 3:40 'tour' rate for return. *Note that all tour costs are calculated in this rate
  6. Check out and pay. Maya will email you a confirmation of your tour

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