Maya Island Air Launches 2017 – 2019 Edition of Belize Themed Boarding Passes

If you’ve ever traveled Maya Island Air when in Belize, there’s probably one item that has always stood out from your experience…our colored boarding passes. These passes which are handed to passengers at check-in and then collected when boarding our aircraft’s, have been in use by the airline for over 2 decades and have evolved in shape, color, size and design.



In 2014, Maya Island Air partnered with The Belize Bank and RF&G Insurance to produce our first set of Belize themed boarding passes which highlighted various scenes of Belize, its people and our company. Each pass had its very own unique color (red, purple, blue, green, yellow and orange) and design, chosen to represent various regions of the country. 


This year, we teamed up once more with our partners to bring you the 2017-2019 Edition of our Belize themed boarding passes and we must say…they look absolutely fantastic.




Can’t wait to snap your travel photos and selfies with our new boarding passes? Tag us using #flymayabelize and #mayaislandair on Instagram and let us know which pass is your favorite. Who knows…you might just end up winning a prize!

Our team takes this time to thank both The Belize Bank and RF&G Insurance, for their commitment to producing these new boarding passes and look forward to our continued partnership in the future.


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