Best Belize Travel Photos of February 2016

A picture is worth a thousand words; this is especially true for anyone who loves to document their trip through photos. Thanks to the advancement of smartphones with superb photo-taking capabilities, and the popular photo-sharing app, Instagram, you can share your adventures with the world easily.


There are thousands of travel photos taken in Belize alone, and we’ve decided to search Instagram for some of the best  snaps taken in the country. Here’s our list of the "Best Belize Travel Photos" for the month:


It’s always a joy to travel to new places and try new things.



“Cave Tubing in Belize!!” - @morganxo_



“On the streets of P.G.” - @wettochetikett



“Weh di go aan??? AKA what's up San Ignacio? Chill ride up the Macal River” - @writebrain



“Swimming with the fishes” - @plotography


Be sure to have fun and even be wacky while you travel.



“Forever Young” - @nikikolaxoxo



“Werk werk werk werk werking the fanny pack.”  - @b_yur_self


Believe it or not, animals love being the subject of a good photo!



“The Mayans may not be here anymore, but these ruins have some pretty cute inhabitants” - @kcjohns15



“When Your Model Knows Their [sic]  Angels ” - @tridentphotographybz


And be sure to capture a few photographs of the amazing scenery.



“#belize #sunset#happybirthday” - @hanholdon



“#mayaislandair #Gippsland#Airvan #belize” - @godwintang

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