8 Reasons to Visit Belize for Christmas

Christmas is only two months away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing for the holiday season. If you’re interested in travelling for this festive holiday, we recommend booking a flight to Belize. Our white sand beaches, cool sea breezes and tropical sunsets, make it the ideal destination to kick back and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Here are 8 reasons why you should plan a trip to Belize this Christmas:

It’s Not Cold

Belize’s sub-tropical climate eliminates the need for the typical winter gear.

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Yet, Not Too Hot

Sub-tropical typically means cool weather during winter, so you can expect to relax in loose t-shirts, shorts and flip flops.

Possibility for Outdoor Adventures

Rather than being stuck at home because of heavy snowfall, visit Belize for some fun outdoor adventures, which may include a tour of a Maya ruin, zip-ling through the jungle, or a scuba diving adventure.

Belizean Christmas Dinner

A Belizean Christmas dinner has many common elements of other traditional holiday dinners – ham, turkey, stuffing and cranberry – but it incorporates one of Belize’s most renowned food dishes, rice and beans.

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Breathtaking Sunrises and Sunsets

With the Caribbean Sea to the East of Belize, you can experience breathtaking sunrises and sunsets year-round.


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John Canoe Dance

The John Canoe Dance is a popular Garifuna dance that has been a staple of the winter season. Dancers wear a head dress, pink mask, white long-sleeve buttoned-down shirt, and leggings with bands containing multiple sea shells. These dancers parade the streets, moving rhythmically as they dance along with music from the Garifuna drummers.

Photo Courtesy: belize.com

Delicious Rumpopo

If you love eggnog, you will definitely love rumpopo! This delicious Christmas-time beverage is made in a similar fashion to the traditional eggnog, with a majority of the ingredients being locally produced.

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Minimal Delays to Travel Plans

Combined with the fact that the rainy season concludes at the end of November, and it doesn’t snow in Belize, you can rest assured that there will be minimal delays in your travel plans within the country.