San Pedro Lobsterfest 2015

An evening of Lobster at the 2015 San Pedro Lobsterfest
The 9th annual San Pedro Lobsterfest was held this past week (June 14th – 20th) and while we couldn’t make it to all the weeks’ festivities, we did manage to attend the grand Block Party finale on Saturday June 20th.

The evening was kicked off around 5:30 pm with a series of popular steel pan melodies by the Pannerifix Steel Band, a group of talented youths who are truly impressing the local music scene. Booths that housed popular restaurants and chefs from across the island were set up and ready to cater to the large crowd that was expected to attend the event this year. Not only were lobster dishes such as fritters, pizzas, chowder and the popular grilled lobster tails being prepared, but some bartenders were also testing their imagination and skills by infusing lobster in their mixed cocktails and drinks.

As visitors made their rounds to the various booths, local DJ’s and musicians including well-known Punta Artist – Supa G, graced the crowd with a mixture of both local and international hits that had many dancing and bopping their heads to the smooth music.

Customary at the event is the judging of booths, drinks and dishes prepared by several vendors. Top honors went to Estel’s Dine by the Sea for their Lobster themed booth and Sangriga Drink, and Elvi’s Kitchen for their Tamalitos de Chaya with Lobster topping dish.

The event in our eyes was definitely a success and we hope that the organizers make it even bigger and better in 2016!




Early mic check and booth preparations at the Central Park.



Some travelers waiting for the Block Party to begin, spent their time on the beach enjoying the cool Caribbean breeze.



The Saga Humane Society was definitely one of our favourites for their presentation.



Lobster tail with coconut milk rice and beans and potato.



The San Pedro House of Culture displayed a series of framed images highlighting the fishing cutlure of the "Sanpedranos."



San Pedro Lobsterfest shirts and Belize merchandise for sale.



A quick snap of the dishes and drinks being judged.



Lobster tails being cooked at the Elvi's Kitchen booth.



There's just something about grilled lobster tails and kabobs that drive the taste buds wild.



Lobster fritters - so simple but oh so tasty!



These jalapenos were stuffed with lobster and fried succulent perfection.



Whether you were dining on lobster dishes or drinking one of the many cocktails available, everyone was surely having a great time at the 2015 San Pedro Lobsterfest.