Maya COVID-19 message

Dear Travelers,


International travel to Belize resumed October 1st and to keep you safe Maya has made some changes to flying.



We recommend purchasing tickets online to expedite your check-in process.



For the sake of your fellow passengers, approved face masks are required in terminals and aboard aircraft.



Please look for information signs and observe social distancing and hand sanitization advisories. (example of information signs)



Health and temperature checks may be part of your journey.



Be assured that the deep cleaning and disinfection of lounges, restrooms and aircraft are our priority.





                        Here is what you need to know for your upcoming trip to Belize. 


 The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) has created a series of travel recommendations and protocols known as the BTB Gold Standard.


There are downloadable attachments provided within the links below, most importantly Belize continues to screen travellers for COVID-19.


This means that travelers will need to provide a Rapid or PCR test result valid within 48 hours of travel upon arrival.


Registration for the Belize health app is required for contact tracing, for more information regarding your travel please see links enclosed below.


In order to keep you safe, Maya is proud to announce a series of measures that have been implemented across our organization.


Upon your arrival you will find amenities signs and witness scheduled cleaning of touch point areas as well as see properly attired staff who are ready and availabe to provide you with information along your journey.


Our counters, terminals and aircrafts are all treated with a combination of USFDA approved safe chemicals applied by electrostatic spray and other applicants. We also use portable ultra violet systems to disinfect.


We know that your travel security and health is a priority to you and your family therefore Maya is going the extra mile to do its part in ensuring a smooth connection to your destination.


We welcome you back to Belize and look forward to serving your travel needs.


(Testing Centers Near You)

Download the Belize Travel Health App and visit the Maya Biosafety Protocol site.





Please see below for more information. Thank you for choosing Maya.

Origin Points

Our Blue Hole Tour has two options for departure: