Maya COVID-19 message

Dear Travelers,


International travel to Belize resumed October 1st and to keep you safe Maya has made some changes to flying.



We recommend purchasing tickets online to expedite your check-in process.



For the sake of your fellow passenger's approved face masks are required in terminals and aboard aircraft. (see example)



Please look for information signs and observe social distancing and hand sanitization advisories. (example of information signs)



Health and temperature checks may be part of your journey.



Be assured that the deep cleaning and disinfection of lounges, restrooms and aircraft are our priority.





                        Here is what you need to know for your upcoming trip to Belize. 


 The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) has created a series of travel recommendation and protocols known as the BTB Gold Standard.


There are downloadable attachments provided within the links below, most importantly Belize continues to screen travellers for COVID-19.


This means that travellers will need to provide a PCR test result valid within 42 hours of travel or may elect to purchase a test upon arrival.


Registration for the Belize health app is requierd for contact tracing, for more information regarding your travel please see links enclosed below.


In order to keep you safe Maya is proud to announce a series of measures that have been implemented across our organization.


Upon your arrival you will find amenities signs and witness schedule cleaning of touch point areas as well as see properly attire staff who are ready and availabe to provide you with information along your journey.


Our counters terminals and aircrafts are all treated with a combination USFDA approved safe chemicals applied by electrostatic spray and other applicants.We also use portable ultra violet system to disinfect and kill germs.


We know that your travel security and health is a priority to you and your family therefore Maya is going the extra mile to do its part in ensuring a smooth connection to your destination.


We welcome you back to Belize and look forward to serving your travel needs.


(Belize Safe Corridor)

(Classification & Entry Requierments)

(Testing Centers Near You)

Download the Belize Travel Health App and visit the Maya Biosafety Protocol site.






Please see below for more information. Thank you for choosing Maya.



Carlos Manzanares
Carlos Manzanares
Quality and Safety Management Systems Manager






What to expect on your travel

                                                     (What To Expect When Traveling)

Temperature Testing

Specially trained and uniformed staff will perform infrared temperature checks of passengers entering our terminal facilities as a first measure to ensure passengers are fit to fly and share space with fellow travellers.

Social Distancing

Visible round floor spacers have been placed at ticket counters to designate a six-foot separation between travelling parties which allows for minimal contact between customers and airport staff. We have equipped check-in counters and gates with sneeze guards to create an extra barrier of separation during your travel experience.

Gate Sanitation

We are deploying hospital grade cleaners and sanitizers for around the clock cleaning and touchpoint sanitization.

Enhanced Cabin cleaning

Hospital grade cleaning agents are used to disinfect luggage compartments and seats prior to take off. You may notice special dedicated custodians operating at a safe distance carrying on this work throughout the day.


A thorough shampoo and deep cleaning of sensitive areas such as lavatories (doors, handles, dividers, toilet seats and tiles) is among our highest priority. Special disinfectants are employed to ensure that our standards for cleanliness meet guidelines from our Ministry of Health and the US Department of Health Services and the Center for Disease Control.

What is required of you

Use of Masks

For the peace of mind of the collective travellers onboard flights, we ask travellers to possess and wear their face mask in terminals and onboard aircraft. Masks should cover the nose and mouth.

Hand Washing and Sanitization

As part of the ICAO, IATA and prevailing health guidelines across nations, we ask travelers to be mindful of keeping hands clean by using any of our sanitized restroom facilities or hand sanitizer. These methods allow for the reduction of transfer of germ and virus material that may be passable to others.

Food and Drink

As a temporary measure and to facilitate the wearing of masks during travel, we ask travellers to refrain from consuming food and drink in public areas and onboard aircrafts. Passengers with medical conditions who require food and drink are asked to consume those prior to boarding. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Social Distancing

As we work to limit the number of touch points and transactions for preboarding, flight and deboarding aircraft we remind travellers that within terminal facilities, a six foot separation from other parties is universally advised. You will notice that our terminal facilities have been remodeled to accommodate greater spacing of travellers during their wait and that floor spacers are now employed as markers to assist with this space recognition.

Unique Traveller ID

Dear customer please be advised that the Belize Tourism Board issues unique traveller IDs upon registration for travel to belize via the Belize health app.

As part of the national effort to contact trace travellers during the pandemic we ask customers to submit this ID while booking, this will expedite your check in process since this information will be necessary at the airline check in counter. We are greatful for your assistance and corporation.

Respectfully Maya Quality assurance team.